Our clients wanted their kitchen to feel more spacious as they previously had very dark kitchen units which made the kitchen appear smaller and more cramped than it actually was.

Our client wanted a clearcut polished tile flooring so we suggested an all black tile with a polished effect to add some glamour to compliment the white units and tiling on the walls, we also matched this with fresh black worktop to tie the look together.

Chic is the only way to describe the way this kitchen looks, a sleek and clean cut levelled worktop in a deep rich colour to compliment the nude/ deep oatmeal coloured cabinets.

Marble worktops always give main character vibes when it comes to kitchen renovations, and that’s exactly what we created for our client who was bored of their very basic and unflattering worktops they previously had. They also opted for a herringbone effect flooring and some taupe wall tiling to add some definition to the plain white walls.

Classic and timeless, This spacious kitchen needed to feel more homely and a retro aesthetic will give you the perfect fit, a herring bow effect flooring paired with some neutral walls to really emphasise of the depth and colour of the worktops, covering all the kitchen appliances to keep it all in sync and organised.


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